Who We Are

We are a fresh-thinking, hard-working team with backgrounds in marine biology, natural resource management, fisheries biology, environmental science, geography, tribal government, computer science and environmental law. Whether in the field collecting data or building cutting edge tools to meet our client’s needs, our work reflects our commitment to finding technological solutions that connect people to the places they live and work.

Meet the Team
Charles directs business development and program implementation to deliver technology solutions and strategies for coastal and marine planning customers. The goal: to better connect “people with place,” bridging different perspectives and implementing management decisions in an inclusive and transparent way. Prior to Point 97, Charles served in several roles at Ecotrust. There, he led the Marine Consulting Initiative (MCI) which included numerous national and international marine consulting projects. He applied learning to the ongoing development of collaborative spatial planning solutions combining knowledge, technology, and capital to foster resilient ecosystems and coastal communities. Charles was raised in the fishing community of Astoria, Oregon, is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and currently lives in Portland, Oregon.
Jennifer provides strategic planning, administration and management across a wide range of projects. She works closely with each member of the team to ensure both client needs and deliverables are met. Jennifer has a background in both marine and freshwater conservation as well as community-based fisheries management and has worked with the Pacific Fisheries Management Council and The Freshwater Trust. She holds a B.S. in Marine Biology and Environmental Science from East Stroudsburg University and a M.S. in Natural Resource Management and Fisheries from Humboldt State University.
Jenny leads Point 97's product development team to build better and more innovative web and mobile tools. Jenny focuses her ecological and IT backgrounds at Point 97 to forge connections between information and understanding in ways that intuitively make sense and bring new insight. Jenny has a B.A. in Economics and a M.S. in Forest Science. When she's not planning sprints or writing user stories, you can hopefully find her in the garden, running in Forest Park, or playing a rousing game of soccer.
Stacy leads Point 97's marketing and communication strategy with roots in global brand management across a variety of industries and continents. Her expertise in seeding global markets delivers keen strategic expertise to Point 97's business objectives. Stacy has a Masters degree in Sustainable Business Administration from Bainbridge Graduate Institute.
Cheryl leads the project management team, delivering stakeholder engagement and advisory expertise. Her work focuses on large scale spatial data collection projects that map human use patterns to inform marine spatial planning efforts. These projects typically involve extensive community engagement and collaboration, mixed methods survey design, spatial survey tool design/development and spatial data analytics. She holds a doctorate in Geography at UC Santa Barbara and a Master's in Environmental Science and Management.
Wil comes to Point 97 with expertise in combining, integrating and visualizing data from multiple sources to produce innovative, near-real time tools that facilitate responsible use of natural resources. His background lies with marine science, oceanography and in Android and web application development. Living in Coastal Oregon, Wil not only works first hand with fisherman and scientists, but understands the impact that regional and national policies can have on small towns and communities who depend on the oceans. On the side, he enjoys robotics, hiking and mushroom hunting.
Scott plays both contributing and lead roles in the development of our web and mobile applications. Before working at Point 97, Scott spent 4 years at Ecotrust doing similar work and in a previous life he worked as a high school computer science teacher in northern Virginia. Scott has a Master's degree in Computer Science with a Graduate Certificate in GIS from Portland State University. He enjoys exploring the trails of Portland’s Forest Park, the Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood and the Oregon Coast.
Tim applies his software development expertise to our ocean and coastal survey tools and data portals. Tim’s experience has been largely focused on building decision support tools – everything from forest inventory and wildfire-vegetation dynamics to health support and intelligence analysis. Tim has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University.
Shaunna’s work focuses on providing specialized stakeholder engagement and advisory services. She is currently working with tribal nations and indigenous communities to ensure active participation in national ocean policy and marine planning. She recognizes the importance of helping communities understand how the use of our tools leads to better, more informed management decisions. Shaunna has extensive law, public policy, tribal government and natural resource management experience. She holds a Master’s of Social Work from Arizona State University and a Master’s in Environmental Law and Juris Doctorate (JD) from Vermont Law School.
Dan believes that the most effective solutions for ocean planning and conservation come from collaboration between coastal communities and policy makers and through the identification, collection and analysis of appropriate data. Dan's experience includes addressing ocean issues from California to Alaska on fishing and research vessels, in academic laboratories, and agency labyrinths. He enjoys working in, on, and around the ocean and is excited to continue this path at Point 97.

Point 97 delivers easy-to-use technology solutions and program engagement strategies that improve marine and coastal management practices.